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The internet has changed the economy forever. Smart people are now turning to blogs and websites to make a living online. Since 2021, Proper Blogs has been The place to share tested and proven blogging, content writing, email marketing, and SEO strategies to make money online.

The goal of Proper Blogs is to share tried and tested strategies that are used to create successful blogs and online businesses that allow you to work full-time from home.

Most of our articles are thousands of words long to give you as much detail as possible. Here are some places that you might like to jump in:

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We are successful bloggers, WordPress experts, social media pros, and more. We are humbly considered thought leaders by many in our space because of the rapid growth and innovations of our projects.

At ProperBlogs, our goal is to share the proven blogging and business strategies we’ve used ourselves, so that you can see the same success in your own life. It’s our hope that this site will give you some new ways to make an income online for you and your family.


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