How To Approve Google AdSense 100% – Ultimate Guide

Most of the new bloggers have the same problem that they do not know how to approve Google Adsense in 2021, that too in their first attempt but today through this post your problem is going to be removed.

In this article, I am going to give some important Adsense approval tips, by adopting which you will be able to get Adsense approved without facing any problems. 

When 80% of bloggers apply for Adsense and they do not get approval, they become demotivated and leave blogging or start thinking about buying Adsense-approved accounts.

If you are serious about blogging then you can get approval by yourself. It is the dream of every blogger to earn money online from his blog or website and Adsense is more capable of realizing that dream because we earn more from it.

If you want to know how to approve Google AdSense, then see this complete step by step.

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Why Google Adsense Account Not Approved?

When you apply for Google Adsense, Google rejects your Adsense account by giving some reasons, that’s why you should be aware that why your Google Adsense account is not being approved.

  • Due to insufficient content on the blog or website
  • Due to blog content not being Adsense friendly
  • Reasons to use Black Hat SEO
  • Reasons to use copyrighted material
  • Due to lack of About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer page
  • Reasons for not submitting the Google Adsense code correctly
  • Already have a Google Adsense account
  • Due to the lack of a clear navigation system
  • Due to malware and adult contact on the website
  • Website under construction

When your Google Adsense Account is not Approved, then some of these things mentioned above are lacking on your website, after fixing these shortcomings, you can apply for Google Adsense again.

How To Approve Google AdSense

Google Adsense

To approve the Google AdSense account, the blog should be 6 months old, friends, this is just a rumor because I had approved AdSense for my website only after 1 month.

Before taking approval of Adsense, I am telling you some tips, by adopting which you can get approval on your blog.

Remove Extra Link

You will know that maximum bloggers who use free themes, templates, get some extra links that have a negative impact on your blog, that is why you should apply for an Adsense account only after removing them.

Use Custom Domain

If your blog or website is on Blogspot, then first of all you should use a custom domain because google gives Adsense approval quickly to the website using a custom domain.

I bought (.com) domain from GoDaddy soon after a month, after which my website got approval.

Whenever you go to buy a domain, buy only the top-level domain because it gets approval quickly.

You can buy custom domains from GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, etc where domains are available at cheap prices.

By using the top-level domain, the problem like How To Approve Google Adsense can be eliminated a little sooner because Google gives more priority to a custom domain.

Create Important Pages

After creating a blog, it is necessary to create an About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, and Privacy policy page.

Only after creating these four pages shows that you are a professional and working according to the policies of Google.

In Google, you will find many such tools, with the help of which you can get Adsense approval by creating all these pages for your blog.

Adsense approval should not be sought in 2021 without creating these four pages.

Write Original Post

To solve a problem like How To Approve Google Adsense, new bloggers quickly copy-paste other’s posts or articles, due to which google easily catches it and understands that this content has been copied.

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Many users steal a little bit of content from different websites and think that now we will get the approval of Adsense.

But this should not be done at all because google machine learning detects it easily.

Along with writing an original and unique post, the article should have proper headings and subheadings and the post should also be useful and informative.

If you do not know how to write unique content, then you cannot get success in blogging.

Write 20 Article Before Adsense Approval

How many posts will have to be written to get the approval of Google AdSense?

Although there are no fixed criteria for this, yet you should have at least 20 posts, that too one post should be at least 1000 words.

The more the content on your blog, the chance of getting AdSense approval will increase because there are many bloggers who get AdSense disapproved due to insufficient content.

Remove Templates Footer Credit

If you have footer credit on your templates, then remove some of your copyrighted words by removing them.

To remove footer credit, follow the method mentioned in 2021 because today’s templates come with advanced security from where it is difficult to remove credit but footer credit can be removed from any template.

In today’s time, Google AdSense approval is needed, then removing footer credit is mandatory, otherwise, there is little hope of getting approval.

Use Responsive Templates/Themes

To get AdSense Approval, the design of your website should be simple and this will be possible only when responsive templates/themes will be installed on your blog.

Here responsive templates/theme means that your website should show fit on the display of mobile and desktop.

After installing the best templates, the work does not end, after that, it also has to be customized.

Pay attention to the following things in customization –

  • Navigation is good.
  • Templates should be simple and with white background.
  • Do not use widgets unnecessarily.
  • Do not show errors in opening any links.
  • The speed load of the blog should be fast.
  • If all these qualities are in your blog or website then you can apply for AdSense.

Use Copyright Free Image

If you do blogging and you do not know how to make an image for it, then you should use a copyright-free image because if you use a copyrighted photo, then AdSense approval is not received due to policy violation.

To download the copyright-free images, Pixels can be downloaded for free by visiting the Pixabay website.

Remove Other Ad Network

Due to not getting AdSense approval, if you have placed ads of any other network on your website, then remove it and go to get AdSense approval because Google AdSense does not support many other networks.

According to my, How To Approve Google AdSense is a big problem in today’s time.

Make Blog Favicon And Logo Professional

Google gives Adsense approval only when your website is professional and the website will not have LOGO and Favicon professional, then the website will also not look professional, so you must design a good logo.

Use Google Search Console

When you have written 20 posts on your site, then after that you should add your website to Webmaster Tool i.e. Google Search Console.

Submit Sitemap

When you add your website to Google Search Console, then you get the option of a Sitemap in which you have to submit the Sitemap of your website.

Create Social Media Account

To get traffic to your blog and to increase its value in the eyes of Google, after creating your account on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc., definitely put its link on your website, this will increase your followers as well. At the same time, your website will look professional, so that you also get Adsense approval quickly.

Blogger vs WordPress Platform

Most bloggers start their blogging career with the blogger platform and when they start getting money, they move to WordPress, but if your budget is to afford WordPress, then you must build your site with WordPress. In WordPress, you can create a professional website on which Google Adsense approval is available quickly.

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My Opinion

So in this post, we told that How To Approve Google AdSense 100% –  and I sincerely hope that after following all these tips you will definitely get Google AdSense Approval.