How To Earn Money By Sitting At Home In Lockdown? (Covid-Special)

The global pandemic Covid-19 knocked at the end of 2019, it has been almost 1 year, but still, no effective treatment has been found for this infection. Partial LockDown is still going on in different countries of the world and it is not yet known how long it will last. In such a situation, there has been a very adverse effect on the global economy. Its direct negative impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), business, and profits of companies is visible in developing countries.

In such a situation, people’s jobs and businesses have also come under fire, and lakhs of people have either lost their jobs or are facing financial losses. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that there should be some parallel earning method that can earn you some money sitting at home in this lockdown. Our Prime Minister has also called for converting disaster into an opportunity.

In this article, we will know how you can earn by working from home sitting at home, as well as know that online thug gangs are also active in lockdown, so how to protect yourself from them?

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Work From Home in Lockdown – (Covid Special)

work from home

In today’s time, it is very difficult to meet the monthly budget of a family without employment or business. The lockdown has spoiled the budget of many households, so the chief’s concern is bound to be how to fill that gap of earnings?

In today’s digital age, we can do some such things which can help you in providing you earning from home, we are presenting some such work from home methods for you below. Hope this will give you information about new dimensions of earning.

By Blogging and Vlogging

In today’s time, a good blog can give you monthly income as much as an average job sitting at home. For this, you have to take web hosting service of a company like Domain Name and Bluehost and the total initial cost in this is also only 1 to 2 thousand rupees.

In this topic, you can learn how to make a blog by visiting this post of ours?

Blogging like nowadays Vlogging is also a good way of earning, Vlog tends to upload on YouTube making videos. As soon as your Vlog starts getting good traffic, then YouTube gives you a part of the advertising revenue. Some people are earning lakhs of rupees every month just from blogs and youtube channels.

You can keep the main topic of your blog and YouTube channel according to your interest. Such as technology, food, sports, gaming, music, gardening, etc. The most popular way of passive income in the work from the home sector is blog or vlog.

Online Tutor – By Online Class

If you are interested in teaching and have a good grasp of any subject then you can provide online classes.

Schools and colleges are almost closed due to Corona and educational institutions are able to teach students online only, in such a situation, you can also give tuition classes to them online.

It is not necessary that online classes should be related to regular schooling only, you can also provide language teaching classes, and other hobby-related classes or career counseling, etc. online.

By Digital and Social Media Marketing

In today’s era, every product and service providing enterprise needs the services of digital marketing experts. Also, a person is needed to run their pages and channels on social media.

You can do this work sitting at home. For this you will need Adani training, this type of initial training is also available free of cost on the internet. You can get free training from Google Skillshop or Facebook. This is the best way of self-employment for free and can be called work from home in a real sense.

Once you have taken training, you can find this type of online work on a website like a Freelancer.

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By Advance Booking of Services

If you are in the service sector then this is also a way to earn money. For example, suppose you run a hotel or are a tourist guide, etc., then you can book in advance by providing discounts, etc. to your regular customers.

Of course, this can be done for a longer period, such as booking a year in advance. It completely depends on the customer whether he is ready for such services or not, but if you offer discounts, etc. they may be ready and you will get some advance amount.

This method can work only in the service sector and that too on the basis of mutual trust.

Government Work From Home Option

The government has created a job portal in the form of the National Career Service. You will be happy to know that work from home jobs are also available on this portal. You have to go to this website and go to Advanced Search and select Full Time / Work From Home in the Job Nature drop down.

Since the beginning of the corona transition, many new jobs of work from home jobs have been posted on this portal.

Ways to avoid work from home fraud

While working people are facing problems due to corona virus infection, online thugs and other such elements have also become active on the internet. In such a situation it is important that you be alert and careful.

We are writing down some tips to protect your money from online frauds, please follow them and save yourself from any financial loss.

  • Check with any online job providing company, only then agree to the work.
  • Do not pay any kind of fee to anyone for any online job.
  • Many fraudsters give fake offers etc. in the name of big companies, first make sure that they are actually associated with that company or not.
  • Do not share your personal details, bank and credit card details or OTP with anyone in the desire of job.
  • Do not get caught in any online lottery or gambling scheme.
  • Do not share the number of your mobile payment wallet app like PayTM, Phonepe, GPay etc online.

Conclusion – Abstract

In today’s time, it is easy that you can do some work sitting at home and also earn your living. In this, you need to have strong faith and trust in yourself. Apart from this, if you keep away from cheating with a little caution, then you will get online work and earnings even in lock down.

If you like this article, then do share it with your friends, maybe it will be of help to someone. If you have any suggestions or questions, write them in the comments below.

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