4 ways To Earn Money By Watching Videos In 2022

Watch Videos on your Mobile and Earn Money

everyone wants to earn money online for this they do different jobs like blogging, graphic design, affiliate marketing, etc. today I will tell you one more different way to earn money online and that is watching videos online.

you do not need any laptop, computer, I pad or I phone, you just need an android mobile phone and wifi connection. you watch videos online and earn money too without any investment.

in this century, almost everyone uses mobile phones, and about 75%of the internet is on our mobile phones to watch TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc. if we start this getting in return money ten this percentage can be increased even more because everyone looking for tips to earn money online.

most people use various platforms to watch videos online but these platforms can’t give us money. keep reading this post completely, I will tell you some such platforms where you can easily earn money by watching videos online.

Earn Money By Watching Videos In 2022

How To Earn Money By Watching Videos

in today’s technology era are growing, a new way of earning are being created and people are earning money along with entertainment, if you also want to earn then you should know all the methods mentioned below.

  • Clip Clasp
  • Stato App
  • I Razoo App
  • Roposo APP

1. How to earn money from ClipClaps App?

clip clap app is completely free and you can access it as long as google play is available in your country. clip clap is a short video maker that you upload your own videos and also watch other’s videos as well. instead of watching other’s videos, you get clip coin which you can easily covert in dollars and you can transfer this money into your bank account.

ClipClaps App

when you open the app you will be able to watch a lot of videos. each video has a timer and it displays the amount that you spend watching the clip. many videos are less than 5 minutes long and you could earn about $0.15 by watching videos for an hour.

The easiest way to earn money in the Clipclaps application is to watch videos, here you get Claps coins for watching videos for more than 1 minute, which are exchanged in dollars. There are ways to earn more money in ClipClaps App which are as follows.

  • Daily Check In
  • Spin And Win
  • Downloading Apps
  • Refer And Earn

2. How to earn money from Stato App?

Stato App is also very popular in earning money online by watching videos and in this, you can upload videos as well as watch videos and earn from uploaded videos but it is good to earn by watching videos of others because When we watch videos, there is also entertainment.

Stato App

The special thing about Stato App is that apart from watching videos, there are many sources of earning like downloading videos and sharing them on your WhatsApp. In this, you get Stato Coin which you can convert to a Dollar and 10,000 Stato Coin is equal to $1 and you can easily Withdraw it to Account. There are the following ways to earn in Stato.

  • watch the video
  • Share status
  • download video
  • upload video
  • Refer And Earn

3. How to Earn Money with the iRazoo App?

iRazoo App is a brand new application through which people are earning money online and you can also earn money online by sitting at home by watching videos on it. they also have their own website in which you get money after completing the same task like playing games, watching videos, filling up surveys, etc

iRazoo App

you will want to verify the exact number of points that you can earn, but between .08 and 1 point per video is common. that means if you watch 10 short videos, you can earn 8-10 points. You can withdraw the money earned in this to your account and other ways below. There are ways to earn money in this application, which you must read below.

  • watching videos
  • by completing the survey
  • playing games
  • by installing the app

4. How to earn money from Roposo App?

it is India’s short video sharing app. this app was created in 2014 but this app was not popular at that time. you can earn money with the Roposo app by gift coins, promotion, sponsorship, branding, collaboration, etc.

Roposo App

This is the reason why this application is very popular and is growing day by day. In the Roposo app, you get coins instead of watching videos and you can convert them into Cash i.e. You can Withdraw this there are other ways to earn money which are as follows.

  • Watch videos earn money
  • Earn money by making short videos
  • Earn Money With Refer And Earn


so, here I shared with you the 4 best apps to earn money by sitting at home. I hope you will understand these topics very easily. now you will be able to earn money by watching videos, and playing games.

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