How To Earn Money From Blogging – Best Guide In 2021

Friends, today I will tell you how to earn money from blogging in 2021. If you want to know How To Earn Money From Blogging In 2021 then this post is for you.

Although there are many ways to earn money online, blogging is a great way to earn money, by adopting which you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home.

If you are looking for How To Earn Money From Blogging, Blogging is also my favorite way to earn money online.

To earn from blogging, you must have a computer or mobile and an internet connection and writing skills, after that you can earn money by working.

Before starting blogging, it is important to know some things in advance, which I have explained below in easy language.

What is a Blog?

Before starting a blogging career, what is a blog must have come to your mind.

In simple words, a blog is a personal website on which we can share our knowledge through blogging, no matter what field our knowledge is in.

What is Blogging?

After listening to blogging, now you must be thinking that what is blogging, but do not worry, I will share the complete information.

Blogging is called writing good information and all the skills that a blogger adopts in writing his post, promoting it, and running a blog.

What is Blogger?

Friends blogger is the person who manages a personal blog and writes the post and shares it through his website.

For example, I am a blogger and every person who does blogging is called a blogger.

How to Earn Money From Blogging?

How To Earn Money From Blogging

I will guide you step by step on how to start earning money sitting at home by becoming a blogger and will make you a Pro Blogger too.

If you want to earn thousands a month by blogging, then read this guide carefully and earn money from the world of the internet.

See simple and easy guide to earn money by blogging in 2021 step by step –

1- Select an Easy to Rank Niche or Topic for Blog

Before starting your own blog, you have to choose the topic or niche of the blog.

You can create your blog in that category in whatever work you are good at.

As I like to write about blogging and technology, I started writing content on it.

You can search about the topic idea on Google.

2- Choose the Right Blogging Platform

There are many platforms for blogging but only two platforms are most popular, the first is and the second is

There is some confusion in which one should choose from this, so let me tell you if you are a new blogger then you should choose only.

Because it is easy and free to work in it, but WordPress also has to pay for hosting, which is very difficult to afford.

Later if you want, you can migrate from blogger to WordPress.

3- Buy Top Level Domain

After choosing a blog platform, it is time to buy a domain name, definitely buy a domain if you want to be successful in blogging.

Buy only top-level domains like com, in, info, org, etc. This also improves your Google ranking.

You can buy a domain from GoDaddy.

4- Add Important Page to Blog

After purchasing the domain name, make sure to create important pages like contact us, about us, privacy policy, and disclaimer page on your blog or website.

After creating this page, Adsense approval is easily available, which makes it very easy to earn money.

By creating this page, our website looks professional and is also considered a good website in the eyes of Google.

5- Customize and Design your Blog

Design and customize the blog well so that readers can easily read the content.

Make the design of the blog in such a way that along with your website looking beautiful, its font should also be readable.

Select the same theme which is fast-loading, this will also improve the ranking of your blog.

6- Write SEO Friendly Article/Post

Writing Seo-friendly posts is very important for blogs because everyone knows content is king and it has become even more important in this era of competition.

Before going to write a post, do keyword research so that your post ranks quickly in google.

You can get traffic by writing posts on low-competition keywords.

Do not forget to copy-paste any other blog, it will only harm you.

7- Promote and Share Blog & Post on YaaraBook Social Network

After writing the article, promote it by sharing it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, and Yaarabook to bring initial traffic, Google crawlers will reach your blog quickly.

There are many such people who bring a lot of traffic and earn money only by promoting the website.

8- Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Your Blog

Seo is a bit difficult to learn or do, but if you give time, you can easily learn it for free and by doing search engine optimization of your website, you will be able to bring unlimited traffic to your website for free.

Seo means in simple language, the work that is done to bring your blog post to the first page of Google is the same thing.

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On this website, I will share with you complete information about SEO.

9- Improve Blog’s Traffic

When your blog is completely ready, then think about increasing the traffic of the blog because you will get more money from traffic.

You must have heard a saying in blogging, earning more traffic and this is also true.

To increase the traffic of the blog, you can do Seo, social media share, etc.

10- Monetize Your Blog/ Website

When there are 25 or 40 posts on your website, then you have to monetize your website with the approval of Adsense.

Apart from Adsense, there are many other platforms for monetization such as, affiliate marketing, and sponsorship or post.

If you want to earn more money from a blog then it would be best to get approval from Adsense because only through this you can earn lakhs of rupees.

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My Thoughts

So in this post, I have fully explained how to earn money from blogging in 2021.

How To Earn Money From Blogging – 2021, I have given you complete information.