How to increase traffic on the new blog? Learn 7 Ways to Get Instant Traffic

If you are also a new blogger and traffic is not coming to your website, then today you go to Website Traffic, I am going to tell about it 7 Professional Tips for Beginner, which if you adopt then your website will get full traffic. Will start coming

It is very difficult to bring traffic to a new blog because the domain authority and page authority of that blog or website is zero, due to which our posts do not rank in Google and we do not even get organic traffic, so we have to bring traffic to our new blog website. For this, different social media tools have to be used, which we will discuss in detail today.

In this article, we will not focus much on organic traffic because our website or blog is new, so we cannot rank in Google, so we will focus on instant traffic. Will the new website also rank in Google.

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Friends, let us now see how to increase the traffic of the new website step by step.

 How to increase traffic on the new blog? 7 Professional Tips

If you are a beginner blogger then you do not need to take tension about traffic because on Blogging Sill you are told genuine methods which help in growing a blog.

How to increase traffic on new blog

Beginner blogger designs the website writes the post but is unable to bring traffic because only big bloggers rank in Google and bring traffic to their website and the rest keep working hard but the traffic does not come, hence the traffic of the website Keep reading this post to know how to increase.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

The biggest mistake new bloggers make is that they choose short-tail keywords instead of using long-tail keywords because they have a high search volume on which they are not able to rank, so you have to use long-tail keywords. Should be done because competition in long-tail keywords is low and there are chances of your post being ranked on different keywords.

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You can use the tool to find long-tail keywords, it provides you with a list of many long-tail keywords, in which you can modify and extract a good keyword.

Create Blog Related YouTube Channel

If you create a blog-related channel on YouTube, then the biggest advantage for you will be that people will start knowing you from your face and the second big advantage will be that you can earn a lot from Blog as well as YouTube.

When you make a video related to the blog on YouTube, then the audience of YouTube will also go to the blog website and read your post there for some time, which increases the chances of your post being ranked in the google search engine.

Write Quality Content and Seo Friendly Post

Friends, to get the top ranking in Google’s search engine, you have to write the best articles on the blog website, so that visitors will stay on your post for the maximum time so that google will feel that people are liking the articles written by you, then that post-Google brings you to the top ranking as quickly as possible.

You also keep writing articles on your posts and also keep doing on-page SEO of your site, by adopting all these methods, you will be able to get maximum views every month.

Increase traffic to blog using social media

Social media is such a platform, millions of people are active where you can bring more and more traffic to your post by sharing the post article you have written, for which you can get all the popular social media like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn. But create an ID with the name of your blog and get traffic from there.

You have to try to increase more and more followers on your social media and put a link to all social media on your blog so that the user can easily read his favorite article as soon as he clicks on that link.

Create Backlinks

If you want to get your post ranked then you have to increase the DA and PA of your blog and to increase DA and PA you have to create a backlink because backlink helps in bringing traffic to your blog to a great extent.

If you talk about the domain authority of your blog, then the higher the domain authority, the better your post will be ranked in the Google search result page, you can write a guest post to us or anyone to make a backlink and post related to your blog Comment.

If you write quality content on your blog, then if someone uses that post in an external link, then you also get a backlink from it.

Use Internal Links

If you use internal links well in your posts, then you can get a lot of traffic from there too. The advantage of internal linking on your blog will be that google also understands internal links and your bounce rate is also maintained so that Google ranks your blog post well

By doing internal linking, your post becomes SEO friendly, which builds user’s trust and increases the chances of old posts to rank.

Put a Subscribe Button on the website

To increase the traffic on the website, you can put a subscribe button using One Signal, this will benefit you that whenever you upload a new post, the user who has subscribed to your blog will get the notification of the post and your user will be on it. Will visit which will bring traffic to your blog.

To increase traffic on the website, you can put a subscribe button using One Signal, this will benefit you that whenever you upload a new post, the user who has subscribed to your blog will get a notification of the post and your user will be able to subscribe to it. Will visit which will bring traffic to your blog.

Final Words

In today’s post, we have learned about Increasing websitesTraffic, I hope you must have benefited from the article written by me and you must have understood how to increase traffic on the blog.