How To Make Money With Google – 6 Best Ways in 2022

in this article, I will explain how one can earn, money from google. before this, I want to tell the definition of google”search for information about something things or someone on the internet using the search engine google” that’s the definition of google.

6 Best Ways To Earn Money From Google

Today more and more people want to earn money by working online, and many people have a great desire to become YouTubers. who puts very good videos on YouTube and earns money from it.

I think that nowadays everyone knows that good money can be earned online, and if you have any doubt, then I would like to tell you that you can earn good money online, so much money that you would have never imagined. Along with this, I would also like to say that you have to work hard too, earning money online is not as easy as people think.

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What is Google?

What is Google? For many people, it is just a search engine, that is, where something can be searched, but the real thing is that Google is the uncrowned king of the Internet world, if Google is removed from the Internet, then the Internet is incomplete. It would seem, why am I saying this, you will know about this below.

Google is a multinational technology company in America, whose name is included in the world’s largest 5 companies, most of Google’s earnings come from online advertising, and many of Google’s tech products are used all over the world such as YouTube, Gmail, Android operating system, Map, etc.

Apart from Apple, all the phones running in the market today run Google’s operating system Android, apart from this, the website is used the most in the world, and after that comes the number of YouTube, which is a product of Google itself. You can read about Google in detail in this blog post.

How to earn money from google?

How to earn money from google? Maybe you will also have a dream to earn money from Google, now you have already known that Google is a very big company and many people’s lives are going on from Google all over the world. There are many ways to earn money from Google, some of which are direct and some indirect.

For example, suppose you have a shop or you provide any facility to the people, you have created your Google My Business page and whenever someone searches in your city or area, sweets shop or Sweets Shop So Google shows some results to that user, in which there is also a result of your shop, after seeing good reviews of the shop, people come to your shop, which increases your earnings.

This was an indirect way to earn money from Google, in which Google is not giving you any money, but you are promoting your business for free with the help of Google and your sales are increasing. Now below you will know about the ways to earn money directly from Google.

1. YouTube

If you are reading this blog post, then you must have known about YouTube very well, YouTube is a video streaming platform, where any person can publish a video, to know more about YouTube, you can visit this blog You can read the post.

YouTube Earn Money

YouTube has changed the lives of many people today, you will get to see many such examples where people have achieved big things in their life with the help of YouTube. YouTube is a product of Google and today every internet user spends some time on it.

Because YouTube is a product of Google, you get paid by Google only. Now let’s understand how to earn money from YouTube and what is its process.

To earn money on any platform, you have to provide some value in return and you have to do the same on YouTube, you have to see what kind of content you can do, you can create both educational and entertainment on YouTube. Apart from this, YouTube is huge and there are all kinds of people on it.

It is not that just by putting a YouTube channel and a video, you will start getting money from Google, here too you will have to work a lot, you will have to learn about how to make good videos, then slowly when you make 8-10 videos If you publish then some views will start coming.

When you have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel, then you can apply for YouTube’s monetization program, after which Google sends money to your bank account through Google Adsense.

It is absolutely true that whether YouTube or any other way to earn money from Google, the growth is very slow in the beginning, but the special thing about Internet-based services is that there is no limit to how much you can grow in them. This is because winning more people watch your video or use your service, you get the same benefit.

YouTube is a very good platform operated by Google, through which people are working hard to change their lives. Among all the ways to earn money from Google, YouTube is also a good way that everyone can start at a very low cost or without saying it cost.

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2. Blogging

This is my favorite topic! why am I doing the same thing? What do you think when you search anything on the Google search engine and you get information very easily, all that Google tells you? No, this thing is half right, in fact, Google works to bring you to that information.

Earn Money From Blogging

As you must have come to this post by doing some search in Google, out of the information lying on billions of websites, Google shows the best and latest information to a user, in which he uses more than 200 quality signals.

By the way, you can earn money from blogging in many ways, you do not depend on Google because you have created your own platform, but here I am telling you in detail about earning money from Google. You can earn money from blogging through Google Adsense, Google Adsense is a product of Google which is designed for publishers to show and manage ads on the website.

In blogging, you have to choose a category and write good articles, Google shows its ads on those articles, and in return you get money, your earnings and how many ads are shown, a written account of it is kept in Google Adsense.

In blogging, you create a website, for which you need hosting and a domain name ie website name, do not worry, you do not need much technical knowledge in it and neither do you need to invest a lot of money in the beginning. You can start with Google’s Free Platform Blogger, in which Google gives you hosting for free.

It takes some 1000 rupees to take a domain name, after which your website gets a name, initially, you can work without even taking a domain, when you start getting results, then you can buy the domain.

There is a limit to free things and also Google’s Blogger platform, so when your blog starts growing, you should shift it from Blogger to WordPress CMS, in which you need hosting and some technical knowledge, this blog of ours LogiclaDost. is running on WordPress CMS.

Blogging is a slow process in which it takes time to get results, it usually takes more time than YouTube to see the result, but when it comes to earning, its earning is at least 10 times more than YouTube. Keep in mind here I am talking about the earning of Google Adsense only.

It is not that your earnings will start as soon as you create the website, first, you have to approve your website for the Adsense program from Google, only after getting approved by Google, ads will be shown on the website.

To get approval, your website should be following all the policies of Google such that your content has not been copied from anywhere, you have written at least 10 blog posts and on your website Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Policy page.

3. AdMob

AdMob is also a product of Google which is used to show ads in a mobile app, this company was created by Omar Hamoui but later in the year 2009, it was bought by Google for 750 million US dollars.

Just as there is Adsense to show and manage ads on websites and YouTube, in the same way, there is Admob for mobile apps, to earn money from Admob, you must have an app, if you are not an app developer, then you can get an app from a developer. You can also, although you will have to tell the developer the idea of ​​what kind of app will be.

When any user will use this app of yours, then Google will show some ads to the user and you will earn from Google for those ads. In AdMob, you are given some Ad Unit that has to be set up in an app.

You must have noticed that whenever you open an app, you are shown an ad, apart from this, you can also use AdMob in the app Mobile Game App, if you make a good game then definitely it The more people will play, the more people will use it to win, the more ads will be shown and the more money will be earned.

After the app is created, you also have to publish it in the Google Play Store, to create an account on the Google Play Console, you have to pay a one-time fee which is some $ 25.

4. By doing a job in Google

Good money can be earned even by getting a job at Google, Google is one of the largest companies in the world, its work culture is very good, and many people have a dream that they get a job at Google, Google is all over the world. Around 60,000 people work.

It Professional

To get a job at Google, you must have one such skill that Google needs, although more engineers work at Google, apart from engineers, there are many positions such as Graphic Designers, UX Designers, Data Analysts, etc.

The process of hiring someone by Google is different than other companies, here the skill is given more importance, not the degree. You can know well about how Google Career on this page of theirs.

Ways to make money with Google

Above, you learned about how to earn direct money from Google, in which you give some service to the user through Google, and in return, Google gives you money. In this section, you will know about how you can earn money from the service provided by Google.

1. Google Ads (Ad Word)

Google Ads or Ad Word (full name), Google. It is a platform created by advertisers, through which advertisers can bring their business and services to the public on the Internet. You read above that Google Adsense and AdMob are the means of placing ads on the Website, YouTube and Mobile App.

These ads are placed by Google Ads, with the help of Google Ads you can easily target your customer, that means the service or product you are selling and you want to show your ad to only those people who are interested in your product. If interested, you can do this through Google Ads.

Every business needs marketing and when it comes to online marketing, nothing is better than Google Ads. You must have seen that whenever you watch a video on YouTube or visit a blog website, you are shown an Ad.

Many times you do some search on the online shopping website and then see that product, after that wherever you go on the internet, you are shown an ad for the same product, all this is done through Google Ads. You can also promote your business or service in this way.

2. Google My Business

Google My Business is also a service operated by Google, through which you can easily get information about the shop, place, business, how is it, what people are saying about it as well as how it looks. How it is.

Nowadays I have to go somewhere, then I search for the name of that place, after that I get all the necessary information about that place. Let’s say I want to eat pizza, now where I am there are many pizza shops or restaurants, I do not know which one is good, but with the help of Google My Business, I will get complete information about it, because there are other people there. There will also be a review, seeing which I can guess what kind of experience I am going to get.


In this blog post, you have learned How To Earn Money From Google, here I have told you about earning money from Google both, directly and indirectly, earning money from YouTube, and blogging definitely takes time but once set. After leaving it is much better than any big government job. Google is the most reliable platform to earn money online.

If you know any other way to earn money from Google, then you can tell in the comment box as well as share this blog post on your friends and social media profiles.

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