Top 10 Google Ranking Factors in 2021

There is a lot of difference between today’s SEO and earlier SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because Google keeps on changing its algorithm from time to time, in today’s article we read Top 10 Google Ranking Factors in 2021

Will have to optimize so that more organic traffic can be found on the blog. In this post, I am telling you the Top 10 Google Ranking Factors in Hindi, by adopting which you can get any of your article top position in Google.

By the way, more than 200 Ranking Factors are used by Google and every year Google keeps on bringing some new rules and changes in Ranking Signal. WebMasters have to do Content Optimization according to Google Ranking Factors to bring their site to the top of Google Search.

Top 10 Google Ranking Factors in 2021 | Google Ranking Signal 

Important Google Ranking Factors

 Friends, I am telling you some important Google Ranking Factors below, on which you need to focus the most, keep reading them to rank in Google. Signal.

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1. Search Intent

When the user searches for something in Google Search, it is intended that he gets correct and accurate information, it is also the endeavor of Google that the user should get better information and in today’s time, this will be the site whose content is as much as from Search Query. The more relevant it will be, the better position it will get in the search result.

2. Content Keywords

Even in 2021, using Keyword in Post Title will be a Powerful Google Ranking Factor because Google sees whether the content written by you is relevant to User Query or not, apart from this Image Alt Tag, Heading, Highlighted Word will also be useful but people who want Fill blog posts with keywords, their content will not rank.

3. CTR ( Click Through Rate )

Click Through Rate

 CTR is the strongest Google Ranking Signal for Google and there is no doubt that CTR plays a major role in Search Rank. The better the CTR, the better will be the rank in Google, you can see the CTR in your Search Console performance report where you can find out the Click Through Rate of all your articles and optimize it.

4. Explained Post

Google is engaged in improving the search quality, Google is now ranking on those that match the query searched by the user instead of many keywords, that is why now you have to write content for the only keywords in Blog Post. It should be explained well and written for the user. Now Google does not see with which keyword your content matches, but it sees how useful your content is for the user.

5. Grammer Checking of Post

The user does not like Spelling Mistakes in the content at all, Google also knows the same thing, that is why in 2021 such a post will not rank which has more Spelling and Grammar Mistakes. There is not much to say here, just confirm before publishing the post that there is no spelling or grammar mistake in your post.

6. Unique Blog Content 

In 2021, such sites will not appear in Google which provides duplicate or copies contact, Google already penalizes such sites but now this time it will take Deeply Action. Make sure that there is no duplication problem on your side. If you think you may have duplicate pages on this site, then improve them once.

7. Well Structured HTML

By organizing your site’s HTML markup in a clear way, you can help the search engine understand what your content is in real, search engines still rely on schema structure markup and semantic markup. So if your content has bad HTML markup, then no matter how good your content is, the search engine spider will feel that it is bad quality content. To make the content HTML markup of your site more clear, use Schema Markup or you can take the help of the Structured Data Testing Tool.

8. Page Speed

Talking about User Experience, Site Page Loading Speed is the biggest Ranking Factor. It has been clarified long ago in Google Speed Update that Website Page Speed has been made a Ranking Factor. In Future Site Speed will be the Top Ranking Factor and Fast Loading Site will get Top Rank in Search Result You can use Cache Plugin or AMP to improve your site speed, this will make your site speed fast.

9. Backlinks

Google ranks High-Quality Backlinks Site instead of Backlinks Number. If this factor will work even in 2021, then keep it and keep making high-quality backlinks for the top ranking of your side. People say that if a backlink is no longer a ranking factor, then this is not going to happen.

10. Google Trust on Your Domain

If Google’s trust is built on your blog, then any of your posts start ranking in Google, this is because Google starts trusting your site, although Google does not include it in its ranking factors, I do not include it in my ranking factors. Based on experience, I am including this in the ranking factors. Google E.A.T means Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness These three things reflect your page quality and this is the reason why Google gets trust on your blog or website and your articles also start ranking.


So here are the Top 10 Google Ranking Factors on which every webmaster needs to work, if you ignore them, then understand that there will be no traffic on your site in 2021.

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