What is a website – How many types are there?

In the present time, the Internet is developing very fast, in today’s time, almost everyone uses the Internet to get information online, the blog post you are reading now through the Internet is also a website. Example is. Do you know what is website, if not, then for the information, let us know that this post is going to be very useful for all of you?

What is Website

We on this blog post What is the website? What is a web page? With having how many types of websites? Will tell you about it in detail. So if we define what is called a website in easy language, then this website is a collection of many web pages which is called a website in easy language. So let’s go to the website? Know about it in detail.

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What is a Website?

If we understand What is Website? in easy language, then when many web pages live in one place, then the collection of those web pages together is called a website. We can also call the website the location of the web page because many web pages are placed on a website.

For example, suppose you are searching on Google, what is Call Barring? Then whatever information is open in front of you in the search result, is called a web page, and the web page is a part of the website itself, such as properblogs.com and quoratv.com is a website.

What is a web page?

In simple language, when we open a site by writing the name of the site, then it is called a website, and whatever post is published inside it, such as suppose website, is called a web page. Every website has different web pages and those web pages contain different information.

Main types of website

Who is Website? You must have known this, but do you know how many types of websites would be there, if not, then for information, let us tell you that there are mainly 2 types of websites and –

  1. Static Website
  2. Dynamic Website

1. Static Website

By hearing the name of the Static Page website, you might have come to know that it is such a fixed page, in which no separate type of file can be added. This static page is provided only with the necessary information on the website.

If you want to edit a particular file or website in a static page website, then you have to use programming code, which is HTML code. Static Pages Whether to add a web page to the website or to edit the site, then only a web designer can do it.

You can also call a Static Page Website a basic type of website because this type of website can be easily created within a short time. And to create a static website, it is not necessary to have knowledge of any programming language, if you want, you can also make a good static page website using HTML code.

2. Dynamic Website

On the Static Page website, you cannot display any data on the website as per your choice, but through a dynamic website, you can display any data you want on the website. Through a dynamic website, we can add any data to the website within no time.

It is very difficult to make a dynamic page website, no one can make it like this, for this it is necessary to have very good knowledge of web development. Whenever you feel that there is a need to add some important data to the website, then you can do it very easily on the Dynamic Page Website.

Through Dynamic Website, you can design a very good-looking website. Dynamic pages access website content through a database or control management system.

Server-side scripting is also used along with client-side scripting on a dynamic website, through which you can add content to the website at any time.

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Website Advantages

  • Through the website, we can easily get any information through the Internet.
  • If we want, we can also download songs, movies, or any other file through the website.
  • In earlier times, we had to go to the shop to buy anything, but today we can order any item sitting at home through the website.
  • Not only online shopping through the website but we can also do mobile recharge, electric bill payment, gas booking through the website.

Website Disadvantages

  • Facebook, Youtube, Instagram are also a way of WhatsApp, and using it too much is not good for us.
  • There are many such websites on the Internet, which can also hack the data of our devices.
  • Using more websites wastes a lot of our time, due to which maximum time should not be used on the website.
  • There are many bad websites on the Internet, which spread the wrong impression on children and adults.

Difference between Search Engine and Website

A search engine is a website that helps users find web pages, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.
When many web pages are connected with each other by creating groups at one place, then where does the group of all those web pages go to the website


In today’s post, what is the website? about
I have explained in detail, hope that after reading this article today, you must have come to know that what is a website? What is web page? And the advantages and disadvantages of the website.

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