What is DMCA Protection Badge and How to use it?

In this blog post, I am going to share complete information about what is DMCA Protection Badge is and how it can be used.

Using the DMCA Protection Badge provides a warning to burglars on your website that the entire content of this website is protected by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and from here if we copy the content of our blog or website. The future can be bad.
If you use DMCA and you catch someone stealing your content, you can delete the stolen content or if it is ranking, you can also get its ranking down.

Before applying for DMCA Protection on your website, you need to know what DMCA is and after that, we will also learn to apply it on our site.

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What is DMCA?

The full form of the DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Law was created by President Bill Clinton in 1998 and is a very controversial law of the US Government.

DMCA was created to maintain a balance between Owner and Users of Content and it also solves Copyright Infringement.

DMCA Deals with Copyright Challenges in Digital World and Regulates Digital Media.

DMCA not only solves Copyright Infringement but also pays Penalties to Offenders so that they do not do such things further.

Why do creators need DMCA?

Let us know why one of the creators of DMCA is needed.

  • If any of your content is copied and posted on your website without your permission, then in such a situation you can file DMCA Takedown and get your content back.
  • You can monitor all the pages of your website through DMCA.
  • If you buy DMCA’s Pro Plan, it makes it much easier to perform DMCA Takedown and at the same time you can find out who is playing hide and seek game with your content.
  • By enabling DMCA Protection on your website, people who copy will be afraid of stealing content.

History of DMCA

To know how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act came into being, we have to turn the pages of history a little bit, so let us know a little bit about its history.

It began in the 1990s with Peer Peer File Sharing and other issues. The RIAA began lobbying the U.S. Senate on the matter.

The protest was so strong that the US Congress was forced to seriously consider the copyright holder’s demand, and this was followed by the removal of all copied content from the Third Party website without permission.

How to apply for DMCA Protection on the Website?

To apply for DMCA Protection on a General Blog or Website, you should follow all the steps given by me below.

1. Go to the Official Website of DMCA

First, you have to visit the Official Website of DMCA.

2. Click Sign Up

After coming to the Official Website, you will see the Sign-up Button at the top which you have to click on.

3. Click on Get Free Badge

After clicking on Sign up, you will see Get A Free Badge in Green Color which you have to click on.

3. Click on Get Free Badge

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4. Select Badge

Now a new Page will open in which Badge will appear in many Designs from which one of the Badges has to be selected.

5. Register Badge

To register Badge, you have to enter First Name, Last Name, and Email and click on Sign up.

5. Register Badge

6. Embed Badge Code on your website

After this, you will find Embedding Your Badge i.e. some code in front of you which you have to add to your blog or website.

Embed Badge Code on your website

7. Add DMCA Code in WordPress

If your website is on WordPress, then first you have to open your WordPress Dashboard and then go to the Appearance section and go to Customize and click on Add Widget and select Custom HTML then paste the DMCA Code.

8. Add DMCA code to Blogger

If you are a Blogger User then your blog is on Blogger then you have to go to Blogger Dashboard then click on Layout.

Add DMCA code to Blogger

And by clicking on Add a Gadget, Paste the Code in Custom HTML and Save.

Benefits of DMCA

If you use DMCA Protection Badge on your website then you get some of its benefits which are as follows.

  • Using it prevents your blog content from being stolen.
  • Content security also increases.
  • If someone is stealing your website post, you can complain to the DMCA against it.
  • Using this you get a DMCA Protection Badge and if any of your content is stolen you can send it an Alert Massage.
  • Using DMCA Protection Badge also makes your blog look professional.
  • The audience also believes in your content.


Friends, in today’s post I have explained to you how to apply DMCA Protection Badge on a blog or website and also what are the benefits of using DMCA and I hope you like the information provided by us.

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