What Is Pillar Post: Step By Step Process

If you are a blogger then you must have heard the name Pillar Post do you want to know what is Pillar Post? How to do Pillar Post? suppose you are going to start blogging or are a blogger in that case it is essential for you to know about pillar posts.

What is Pillar Post

What is Pillar Post in this article? What are its benefits and the step-by-step process of how to do Pillar Post has also been told, that if you understand this article well and read it, then you too can do Pillar Post without any problem?

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What Is Pillar Post?

Pillar Post, when you prepare a post on a topic that has many parts and those parts also have many parts on which the post is prepared, then the main post of that topic is called Pillar Post.

A pillar post is like a tree, just like a tree has many branches and then many leaves, in the same way, there is a pillar post that remains attached to its other parts. Let me explain here through an example.

Just like take the topic of SEO, it has many parts; On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Local SEO, etc, and these parts are also divided into other parts. Here SEO is a pillar post. Now you must have understood that What Is Pillar Post, now let me tell you pillar post benefits.

Benefits of Pillar Post

Did you know that What Is Pillar Post? But do you know what are its benefits, if you do not know, then let me tell you the benefits of Pillar Post through some points here? which are as follows;

  • Because of this, visitors spend more time on the posts of your website. The more posts and information on your website, the more time the visitor will spend.
  • Due to Pillar Post, the Bounce Rate of your website is decreased because the information for which the Visitor visits the website, they get that information from the Pillar Post and Related Post of that website, which reduces the Bounce Rate.
  • When visitors share a post’s link on Social Media Platforms, backlinks can be created for your website, which leads to a traffic increase on your website.
  • Lifetime Traffic comes on Pillar Post, its value never decreases and it also includes links to its related posts, due to which Traffic Divert happens on its related posts as well.
  • Pillar Post ranks high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) because it brings more information and more backlinks and more traffic.

How To Post Pillar: Step By Step Process

If you know what Pillar Post is and what are its benefits, then now you should also know how to do Pillar Post. Here below I have told the Step by Step Process to do Pillar Post. If you understand this process well, then you can also easily prepare Pillar Post. This Step by Step Process is as follows;

Step 1. Understand the interest of your audience

If you want to prepare Pillar Post, then you have to first find out what the audience wants to know, what is its interest is, What is being searched the most by people on the search engine, where are the audience members from, whether the audience is male or female, what is the average age of your audience members, what is the social status of the audience members.

To know all these things, you have to do research, for this, you can find out with the help of Google Analytics what Audience is searching the most on the Internet. Similarly, you can find out about the visitors coming to Social Media Platforms from Social Media Analytics Tools, what your visitors are talking about on Social Media, how they are posting, and what type of questions they are asking.

With all these things, you can easily understand the interest of the audience, you can use social media like Linked-in, Quora and Twitter, etc. In this way, it helps a lot to know the interest of the audience.

Step 2. Choose the Best Niche

When you understand the interest of Audience properly by doing good research on the Internet, then you should choose such a niche for your website about which Audience wants to know the most.

That’s why you have to do Keyword Research to choose the best Niche. Here I tell you 2 ways to do Keyword Research; The first is Neil Patel SEO Tool and the second is Google Trends. Let me tell you the process of these two one by one.

1. Neil Patel SEO Tool (Ubersuggest)

Here I am going to tell you how you can do Keyword Research with Ubersuggest Tool, this is a tool from Neil Patel. Let me give you Keyword ResLet me tell you the process of arch. First of all you go to Google and search Ubersuggest and visit by clicking on the first site in the search result.


After clicking, you will come to Ubersuggest Tool, here you will get the search bar in which you have to select the country and search the keyword.

Search keyword and select country

As soon as you do Keyword Search, you get the result of Keyword Research. In this you get to see the overview of the searched keyword. In which information about Keyword’s Search Volume, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty and Cost Par Click (CPC) etc. is available.

show keyword research result

Along with this, you also get Keyword Ideas and Content Ideas. In Keyword Ideas, you are suggested a lot of keywords and complete details about the Search Volume, CPC, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty etc. of all the keywords are also given.

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keyword ideas

Let me now tell you about Google Trends.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is also a very good tool, with the help of which you can do Keyword Research, for this first you have to search Google Trends on Search Engine. After searching, the result page will come in front of you, click on the first site and visit Google Trends Tool.

Search Google trends tool

Then you will see the search bar of Google Trends, here you first select the country and then search your topic or keyword, then you will get the result.

select country and search keyword

Here you can see the graph of Interest Over Time and know the interest of Audience of other places of the country.

interest over time

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Apart from this, you also get Related Keywords and Related Queries in Google Trends, with the help of which you can choose the Best Keyword.

keyword related topics and queries

There is also the option of Trending Searches in Google Trends, which gives you Daily Search Trends and Real Time Search Trends Topic, which can also help you a lot.

trending searches

You should choose such a Niche which is also a Keyword and there is not much competition on it and about which the Audience is eager to know, thus you can easily choose the best Niche.

Step 3. Write great content

It is very important to have quality in a great content, you should write quality content that has a direct effect on visitors. The content should be such that after reading the steps given in it, the visitors should follow immediately. You should keep some things in mind while writing a quality content. which are as follows;

1. Headline

While writing the post, its headline should also be kept in mind because if the headline is not good then the visitors will not come to your post because 80% of the visitors visit the website only after seeing the headline.

Therefore, along with making the headline of the post attractive, you should also make it very important so that visitors can know what is in your post by looking at the headline and if you do not read then you will miss the important information. Some such headline should be created.

2. Hook

Out of all the visitors who come to your post, only some visitors read your post completely, you can use some hooks to stop other visitors to your post which they have not heard before. like ; You can add a story, give an example, you can ask a direct question to the reader and answer it in your post, so that the visitor reads your post completely and the post also becomes interesting.

3. Structure

The structure of the blog post you are writing should also be good because without structure our blog post is incomplete and visitors do not like to read such blog post and such posts are not able to rank even on Search Engine Result Pages. Time structure should also be kept in mind while preparing blog post.

4. Research

You should always prepare a post by doing research because many times it happens that when you write a post without research according to your information and if any point has been updated, then the visitor does not get the correct information, so you have to prepare the post. Research must be done before doing so that you can give correct information to your visitors.

5. Alt Tag Images

Search engines cannot understand images that what is in that image, what is written in that image, what is that image related to? That’s why you have to Alt Tag the Images. Alt Tag is an alternative description that helps search engines to know what that image is and what it is related to.

In this way, you can easily provide your visitors by writing a quality content, which also brings good traffic to your post and also increases the chances of website ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So now let’s move to our next step.

Step 4. Do More Internal Linking

When you write the best content, after that you should connect all your posts to each other by internal linking and by internal linking in all related posts.Your Pillar Post should be given backlink to Main Post.

You should do more internal linking so that visitors can spend more time on your website and the bounce rate also decreases.

By doing internal linking, you can divert traffic to your other posts, doing so increases the chances of ranking on the search engine. Let me now tell you the next step.

Step 5. Update from time to time

Now you know that what is Pillar Post? And when you prepare Pillar Post and do internal linking in it, it does not mean that your work is completed on that post.

When your post is ready, then you should keep checking all your posts from time to time whether there is any deficiency in your post, there is no broken link, if there is any such deficiency, then fix and update all of them. You can So that your visitors can get the right information.

If you follow all these steps then you can easily prepare Pillar Post.

Conclusion; What is Pillar Post

I hope that you must have read this article of mine well and what is Pillar Post? must have understood it properly.

When you do Keyword Research in Google Trends Tool, you also get the option to compare there. From there you can compare the keywords among themselves, which helps you to choose a better Niche.

In this article, I have also told about the benefits of Pillar Post and the step by step process of how to do Pillar Post, so that you can easily do Pillar Post by following these steps.

If you liked this article of mine, then definitely share it with the needy people and if you have not understood anything about this article, then you can comment.

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