What Is Search Intent? Complete Guide In 2022

Most of the new bloggers are such that they choose a niche for their content. But they do not understand the intent of their user and keep on writing posts according to their own. Due to this, his blog is not able to rank on Google’s SERPs.

If you want your blog users to like and rank. So for that, you have to first understand Search Intent. In the article What Is Search Intent? Complete Guide In 2022, I will give you all the information related to it.

According to the Backlinko.com website, there are 3.5 billion searches per day on Google and out of which, 86,000 searches are done every second. So you can get an idea from this how much users use Google. And looking at this result, you have to pay attention that what the users who are searching on the queries search engine want to know exactly. You have to write your content by understanding the intent of the users.

Those bloggers understand the search intent very well. Their website starts ranking on the first page of SERPs. If you also want that your website also starts ranking on the first page of SERPs, then you read this article of mine till the end.

In this article, I will give you complete information related to Search Intent like what is Search Intent, what are the types of Search Intent, how to optimize Search Intent for Content, why Search Intent is important, etc.

So let’s start first that What Is Search Intent?

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What is Search Intent?

Search intent is also called user intent or audience intent. The query which is searched by the searcher on the search engine is called search intent. Search Intent represents the searcher’s search and tries to complete it.

In simple words, when a searcher types a query on the search engine, what is the intent of that query? It may be that he wants to know about a person, thing, a specific place, or he wants to know about the pricing of an item, anything can be possible.

There are many new bloggers who are left behind in the world of blogging because of not understand what the search intent is. Friends, I would like to tell you that it is not so difficult to understand the search intent. To understand Search Intent, you have to do research first. In this, you can take the help of a keyword research tool or question hub.

Let me explain to you the search intent through an example. Suppose you are a searcher and you type jewelry (only jewelry) on the search engine, then what do you think Google will give according to your word? Maybe you want to know the pricing of jewelry or you want to know about the jewelry shops near you or want to know about images, and designs.

jewelry for search intent

Similarly, many searchers also do the same, and as you know that Google has advanced its algorithm a lot. So you can understand the search intent with the help of a search engine. In this, you can find out how many meanings a word can have and on which topic you can write your content.

What are the types of Search Intent?

Now you have learned What Is Search Intent? Now let me tell you how many types of search intent are there. Before that, I would like to ask you that do you know how SEO works? Perhaps many bloggers know the answer to this question of mine, but for those bloggers who do not know, let me tell you that SEO works on 2 concepts, the first is a query and the second is content.

On the basis of this, the search intent has been divided into 4 parts. which is like this:

1Informational Intent
2Navigational Intent
3Transactional Intent
4Commercial Investigation
Types of Search Intent

1. Informational Intent

Informational Intent, which comes first in Search Intent, is Informational Intent. Searchers keep doing a lot of searches to get most of the Internet information. Like information about SEO, information about weather, information related to studies, etc.

You must know very well how smart Google’s algorithms have become. That’s why now Google recognizes the intent of its searchers well and answers accordingly. For example, if you type “tomato chutney” on Google’s search engine, then Google will show you the results related to tomato chutney and not the history of tomatoes.

Apart from this, Google explains what its user has come to know exactly. The searches people do in Informational Intent can also be a specific question or can also be a certain topic. Anything is possible. That’s why Google understands all of them and gives the exact answer.

2. Navigational Intent

Navigational Intent comes at number two in Search Intent. In which navigation means navigation. In Navigational Intent, Google understands the intent of the searchers and reaches, their destination. In this, search to go to a website. like Facebook

Google quickly reaches the searchers who want to go to Facebook. Additionally Branded WebsiGoogle helps a lot to log in to Spotify like this and to access many types of websites.

3. Transactional Intent

The third intent of Search Intent is called Transactional Intent. By the name of Transactional Intent itself, you must be knowing that people search for the intention of doing transactions in it. As you know, in 2022, most of the work is now done online, whether it is banking work, grocery work, or shopping. All this is being done online only.

In this, when searchers search for any goods, they use words like “price” or “sale” with that item. Using these specific words makes it easier for Google to understand their intent. By doing this, Google shows them the results according to the searchers.

Suppose you search Black Shoes then google will show you all the models related to Black Shoes and that too with a price. Along with this, Google will also show you the names of websites related to these items. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Mitra, etc.

4. Commercial Investigation

Commercial Investigation comes last from Search Intent. You can also call Commercial Investigation Commercial Intent. It is a mixup of informational and transactional searches. The searchers want to shop in it, but they also want to get the correct information about the products. They want that they get accurate answers through websites on Google.

For this, he searches those websites, he gives reviews of the products. Like what are the top 10 best laptops or what are the best free WordPress themes or market new phones, what is its pricing etc. When they do a good investigation, then buy the products.

So now you must have come to know with what intent you can write your blog. If you want, you can create a review blog or create eCommerce websites or create an informational website, etc. In whichever, you are comfortable with and you have good knowledge in that field, then you can choose any intent according to you.

Why is Search Intent important for SEO?

Search Intent is the reason why users search. When a searcher searches for something on Google’s search engine, there are some questions or topics in his mind at that time. Meaning he wants to ask or question about a topic or wants to know information.

The main focus for the first keyword was optimizing. That’s why at that time companies used to mean the meaning of the keyword. And used to collect information on the same basis. And the same results were shown to the users. By doing this, users could not get an accurate answer. Which caused a lot of trouble for them.

But now Google has made a lot of changes to its algorithm. Now the main focus of Google is to give better results to the users. He has started to understand the search intent very well. Searchers get the correct answer from the topic searched by him. For this, he collects valuable information.

If you are not aware of the searchers’ intent, then your first attempt was to rank your page for that keyword. What SEO strategy will fail you. Because if you look at the search result, then Google does not actually show the page of any product. Only those websites are shown on the first page of SERPs which satisfy the query of the users.

If you want your content to be visible to the users first, then you have to make keyword search intent the main part of your SEO strategy. You have to understand why users are searching for a specific keyword. And then you have to fulfill the needs of the users through your content.

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How to Determine Search Intent?

Let me tell you one thing if you are successful in determining the search intent, then you can grow your audience through this and also improve the performance of your website on Google’s SERPs.

Whenever you write an article, first analyzed your topic well. By doing this you will be able to give better results to your users. I have given some points below so that you can determine your search intent well. Which will help you a lot. Let us know which are those points:

1. Choose the right keyword

As you know no search is possible without keywords. When searchers do their query on the search engine, they get answers to some questions and some do not. You can select your niche by taking advantage of both of these conditions.

Let me tell you how you can take advantage of it. You can find out the keywords that are searched on Google by filtering them on the search engine or you can find out with online keyword research tools. You will find many keyword research tools on Google.

On the contrary, the keywords whose answers are not found on Google can find them from Google Question Hub. Here you will find such keywords on which no one has written an article so far. This will work as a plus point for new bloggers.

2. Check SERP Results

Another way to determine Search Intent is your SERDo good research on P results. First of all, type your chosen keyword on the search bar and see what result Google shows you for that particular keyword.

How to Optimize Search Intent for Content?

When you have determined your search intent, then you will also have to optimize it for content. For this, you have to write your content according to your target audience.

If you want that when users land on your page and get a good experience from your content, then you do not have to bore them with useless extra content. Directly tell them what they have come to your page for.

Conclusion: What Is Search Intent? Complete Guide In 2022

According to Larry Page, one of Google’s cofounders, Google’s SERPs are designed in such a way that when a searcher searches for a keyword on the search bar, it gives them exactly the answer they are looking for.

Most of the new bloggers’ search intent kya hai do not understand it well and due to this, they are left behind. On the contrary, bloggers who understand the search intent go ahead.

Therefore, before choosing a keyword for your article, you have to research well that what is the motive behind the searches that people are doing on Google. What do they want and what keyword are they searching for.

If you can determine the search intent well, then it will be very good for your website. This will bring traffic to your website and your earnings will also be there. Any search intent mostly has 4 motives. Which I have told in the above article.

These four intentions can be of great use to you. And one thing will always be kept in mind after selecting your keyword, optimize it. If you do not do this then your hard work will not be so successful. then you would have thought.

With this, I hope that this article of mine (What is Search Intent: A Complete Guide For Beginners) will help you a lot.

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